The Left Shoe Movement

The Left Shoe movement was created to assist parents to remember they have an extremely valuable and precious life in the car with them. Just as The Baby On Board signs were made for ER personnel the Left Shoe Movement will be a tool to avoid catastrophe.
What is it you ask? It is simple, when you get in the car with your child you take your left shoe off and place in the floor board behind the child’s seat. You will never forget to put your shoe back on and ahah you have a reminder to take your little one out of the car too.
You can think this silly all day long and there is no way you would ever forget your child, but what if? What if you had an emotionally distraught day and your mind was not on the present? What if you suffer from post-partum and you can’t collect a thought? What if you break your normal routine and you are the parent to take your child to school/ daycare and instead you are on autopilot and go straight to work while your lil one sleeps soundly in the back? There is always a What If, so What If you removed your left shoe and put it behind their seat? What will it hurt and you have nothing to lose.
A few additional tools is a mirror on the rear seat so every time you look in your rearview mirror you are reminded and see them. I have created free printable hang tags to put on your rearview mirror included in this post. Put the hangtag in the car seat when the child isn’t in it and hang it on your rearview mirror when they are in the car.
So with everyone’s involvement I know that we can save lives! Let’s join together, be proactive and stop the needless lose of life.
LSHT Left Shoe Hangtag Printable!





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