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    French Toast Bake

    So incredibly yummy! I had a half loaf of sourdough bread left and took a shot at making something with it. As you can see the pan is small so if you make more increase eggs and milk. Hope y’all enjoy! Ohh and the music is a great pick me up! Lil Zac Brown! If you prefer to read and print the recipe see below. This French Toast is so incredibly easy to make and is my go to meal in the mornings. I can prep and pop in the oven while getting ready for work. My family loves the syrup fruit mixture that I make with it as well!


    Milk Reduction When Period Returns

    Ugh your monthly aunt Flow returns! As if delivering a human, having leaky boobs and no sleep weren’t enough. You begin to wonder if you will ever catch a break! Eleven months of no visits from aunt Flow was amazing and I did not miss her one bit! Some women will not get a visit the entire time they are breastfeeding, lucky them! I was two months post-delivery when she returned. So how do you combat milk reduction while she visits? Here are a few pointers: Cal-Mag Supplements Just before your period starts, your blood calcium levels drop, causing your milk supply to drop. To combat this, you can take…