What Is Your Balance In Your Emotional Bank Account?

    What Is Your Balance In Your Emotional Bank Account? Sounds like an odd question but if you think about it for a minute, what a great metaphor. Stephen Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, uses the metaphor of an ‘Emotional Bank Account’ to measure the amount of trust that accumulates in a relationship.1  We all make deposits and withdrawals to this “account” on an ongoing basis.  Deposits get added when you do things that are trustworthy or demonstrate care.  Withdraws occur when we act in a manner that has people less willing to risk psychological safety by doing things such as being disrespectful, dismissive or dishonest. …

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    D Is For Holiday’s! Wait, What?

    Dysfunctional: a : not functioning properly : marked by impaired or abnormal functioning b : characterized by abnormal or unhealthy interpersonal behavior or interaction Since the 1980’s the word dysfunctional has been used to describe family dynamics. Talk show hosts paraded family members on screen for entertainment and the more obnoxious the better. With the holiday’s fast approaching I see many people talking about their family and using the word dysfunctional. I used to look at people and think wow they really have it together and their home must be amazing! Then they start telling me stories and I sit back and think holy smokes my family almost seems normal,…


    I’m Your Mama Not Your Friend

    A few weeks there was a festival in Colorado called 4/20. I am pretty sure that anyone that watches the news is aware of what it is, and though it disgusts me, it is the state we live in. A few days later I watched a disturbing video that has been nagging me for some time now. The video was of a parent and their kid at attendance of the festival. The parent was on stage pouring drinks down people’s throats and obviously high, drunk etc. The part that disturbs me most is the kid (of age now) is a recovering meth addict. I am no one’s judge for we…