Post Baby Body & Mind

    You give birth and you still look six months pregnant! That was how I looked at least. Not sure what I expected but my reality was skewed greatly. I have heard of women who were back into their pre-baby clothes as they were leaving the hospital! Umm no I was in maternity clothes still and let me tell ya how that was not cool. Que the poor me music here! I have always had “body issues” you could say. Being heavy runs in my family and I completely freaked out when the scale hit 173 while pregnant! I am 5’5” and to me 120 is perfect. That puts me in…


    Exercise After Baby!

    So I rode my bike yesterday and ran for the first time today. I accomplished two miles running and though it took me 21 minutes I feel great! I use Runtastic  to keep log of all of my activities and you can view my run to see what it looks like. I learned a couple of things while I am getting back to exercising. No matter how many kegel’s you do your bladder control is ummm well, you tinkle yourself. No other way to say it than to throw it out there! I have great running shorts by Nike and I put a pad in them to absorb what I can’t…