4 Fun Ways To Make Your Kid’s Birthday Extra Special

Making your kids’ birthday a special occasion is something parents strive to do year on year. You want them to look back on their special day with fond memories and know they were loved enough to have their parents go that extra mile for them.


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But making your child’s day doesn’t need to be expensive or a grand gesture. While Celebration Station Birthdays can be a fun-filled way to spend their birthday with family and friends, booking a party venue isn’t the only way you can make the day memorable.


If you need some inspiration, read on for some ideas on making your child’s next birthday, and each one after days they won’t forget!


Balloon Room

If your child loves balloons, why not fill their room with them overnight for a fun surprise when they wake up? You can use as many or as few balloons as you like, and they can be air-filled, covering the floor; you can use helium balloons tied to presents or even create balloon arches with banners to add an extra touch to the celebrations. Plus, you can make this a tradition and carry it out every year as something special you do.


Present Scavenger Hunt

Extend how long it takes to open presents by creating a fun scavenger hunt around your house or yard and have your child solve clues to get their next present. This can help you increase the excitement for each gift and up the ante as they try to find it. Get family, friends, and neighbors involved in a bigger birthday scavenger hunt and drag it out over the whole day as you go to visit all of your loved ones and see what the clues are hiding en route.


A or B

If you really want to make the day extra special, you can use the popular social media challenge where you get them to pick the activity by asking them to choose A or B or just a piece of paper with an activity on they can’t see.


The beauty of this is that you can get them to choose anything as long as they enjoy doing it. It can be activities around the home, a pool day or a movie day, for example, or it can be going out for the day and heading to a skate park or the local park, or you can choose between Go Karting or heading to an amusement park, and you can pick one or multiple options each day and even get them to do this to choose what food you eat for their birthday meal too.


Advent Birthdays

These are great fun for special ages, but you can use them every year if you wish. The idea is that you get a small, inexpensive present each day in the run-up to the birthday, much like a Christmas advent calendar. 


You can do this in a couple of different ways. You can go by age and give them a present each day for each year of their age. So if they are going to be 10 and their birthday is on the 15th of the month, you give them presents in the 10 days before their birthday. Or you can do an “advent month” and provide them with a gift a day for the whole month leading up to their birthday. Obviously, this won’t be as much fun if their birthday is in the first few days.


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