Disney World Is Celebrating Its 50th Anniversary By Giving Away Free Trips!

Disney World, the happiest place on earth and not just for little kids! We took our son for his 3rd birthday which was also 2 days prior to the park closing due to COVID. My husband did not understand Disney “Magic” until we went to Good Morning Breakfast with Goofy and His Pals! When Coopers eyes lit up and he was so incredibly happy because he could see his favorite characters, he got it. It was truly a magical moment and will always cherish our time. We are taking Coop back for his 5th birthday but that is another post!

So on to Disney’s 50th and how you can enter to win!

They are giving away 50 visits to Walt Disney World and you get the change to nominate someone you believe is indeed in need of a little “magic”. Disney is calling it the search for “magic makers”, and is looking to give vacations to people who have inspired others during the challenges of last year in particular. You have until October 1, 2021 and nominations will be accepted online or through social media. At Disney Magic Makers (link opens new page) you can submit your nominations and on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or TikTok you can use the hashtag #DisneyMagicMakers to share your stories.

Chairman of Disney Parks Experiences and Products Josh D’Amaro said this promotion is a way to shout out those who have been a source of inspiration over the past several months.

“All of us at Disney have been inspired by the countless acts of goodwill by people across the country throughout the pandemic,” he said: “These magic makers and their stories have changed us in ways we never imagined. That’s why we’re so proud to celebrate those who continue to make everyday magic a reality.”

After nominations close in October, 50 people will be gifted a trip to Disney World and a year-long subscription to Disney+. Disney will also be donating a total of $400,000 to organizations that are magic makers themselves: Make-A-Wish, Starlight Children’s Foundation, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and The Nature Conservancy. You can read more here on Disney’s Blog.

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