Time To Dance

Anyone else feel their life in the morning is absolute chaos? Not just me? Good to know because this was my morning today!

You reluctantly climb out of bed too early to the sweet sound of “mommy” down the hall. After stumbling around you make it to his room and get him to the bathroom to potty.

Then it begins in no particular order: You have to feed the kid and get him something to drink, feed the dog, take showers, get yourself dressed and hopefully hair and makeup if you have time,get the kid dressed and not forget it is Soccer Shots day so make sure he has his jersey, take the dog potty, take out dinner so it can thaw, Oh get coffee! move the laundry over to the dryer, get more milk for the kid, turn on a movie for kid, make sure the kid pee’s on the cow (standing urinal) so no accidents, try to clean at least one thing (vacuum), take the dog out one more time, check everything is turned off, turn music on for the dog, gather everything in your arms to leave,

Then you hear the most wonderful voice in the world, ask you the most innocent question in the world:

Mommy, will you dance with me?

My mind is screaming NO, you have to get him to school and you to work. Traffic is going to be a nightmare if you leave any later than you already are.

My heart though, says 5 more minutes. Traffic is what it is, he can be a little late to school, I can be a little late to work and I am not going to let this moment pass.

So I smile at my little boy, and tell him absolutely! There is nothing else in this world I would rather do than to dance with you right now.

I put all of my things down and took his tiny hands in mine, and danced.

We laughed, we sang, we danced and through that moment it happened, Clarity.

Through chaos there is joy. The innocence of my little boy made me see what was important. He did not see the clock screaming at us, but he saw the opportunity to dance with his mommy with no worries or cares.

Once the song was over he took my hand, said I love you, now let’s go to school so I can go to Soccer Shots!

As I was driving I soaked in the moment of this morning and thought, how amazing would all of our relationships would be if we would just stop hurrying, put down our things, listened to the music, and danced…..


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