Saying Goodbye To Someone Who Made The Ultimate Sacrifice

To lose anyone is a tragedy. However, to lose someone who met their end during military service or as a ...
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Photo by olia danilevich from Pexels

Our Children Were Born In The Time They Were Intended To Be In

I am guilty! Guilty of doing something that I just need to stop doing! What is that you ask? Comparing ...
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What Should Go In Your Baby’s Diaper Bag?

Taking your baby out once a day is an essential part of their routine. But in doing so, you’ve got ...
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4 Ways To Start Eating Healthier

Pexels Dieting usually doesn’t work and you might find you try it and are soon off course. Instead, you can ...
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Our Children Are Our Garden

Our children are our garden. They absorb our stress, just as they absorb our peace. They absorb our negativity just ...
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I Didn’t Light A Candle, A Poem For My Unborn Baby…

I wrote this some time ago and while it isn't October, there is always a time to honor and remember ...
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Prayer… It Works

So anyone that knows me knows that complaining is not my thing. In fact when someone asks how I am ...
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Home Is Where The Heart Is

Well we did it! Moved cross country with a 19 month old baby and a 14 year old Labrador! Oh ...
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Wildlife Sanctuary

Last week we had the pleasure of visiting The Wild Animal Sanctuary. The Wild Animal Sanctuary currently operates with more ...
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Breast Milk Diaries Part II

Well the day happened, I used the last of my frozen supply. I am now substituting formula along with breast-milk ...
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  • Megan Smith

    We go to ready to run out the other day, and baby girl decides to pass out as soon as we get ready to walk out the door..literally. How do you handle that? You shut that front door, sit your butt back down, and wait til baby is ready to go. What’s a schedule, again? 😉

  • themamalife

    I keep thinking I am going to get lil dude on a schedule but he isn’t having it! Seems he always wants a boobie when I am ready to walk out the door. Love this life though!

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