Prayer… It Works

So anyone that knows me knows that complaining is not my thing. In fact when someone asks how I am ...
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Home Is Where The Heart Is

Well we did it! Moved cross country with a 19 month old baby and a 14 year old Labrador! Oh ...
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Wildlife Sanctuary

Last week we had the pleasure of visiting The Wild Animal Sanctuary. The Wild Animal Sanctuary currently operates with more ...
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Breast Milk Diaries Part II

Well the day happened, I used the last of my frozen supply. I am now substituting formula along with breast-milk ...
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Today I held him a little longer, a little tighter. I know he is tiny yet but the recent events ...
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Teething Nightmare! It Really Is A Thing!

So I am going to go ahead and poo poo on the naysayers that say teething stories are made out ...
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(no title)

Yes it is one of my hubby’s favorite movies and he loves to quote it often, but that is not ...
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Eat, Play & Sleep Schedule

While we are not "sleep training" per say we are on a schedule. As I mentioned previously a routine is ...
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Solids Beget Solids

So we started solids a few weeks ago and me being me was tickled about it! I have Pinned homemade ...
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Mama Bear Is Strong

So the family was out at our local outdoor store this weekend and I apparently showed my mama bear instinct ...
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  1. Megan Smith says:

    We go to ready to run out the other day, and baby girl decides to pass out as soon as we get ready to walk out the door..literally. How do you handle that? You shut that front door, sit your butt back down, and wait til baby is ready to go. What’s a schedule, again? 😉

  2. themamalife says:

    I keep thinking I am going to get lil dude on a schedule but he isn’t having it! Seems he always wants a boobie when I am ready to walk out the door. Love this life though!

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