I come from a long line of insanely talented people. When my mom was younger her family sang gospel on Sunday’s mornings for WACY in Kissimmee, FL. My uncles went on to form their band Starlight Express and were very successful in the Southeast. My mom and dad both sang at the local churches and he plays both a 6 & 12 string guitar. Everyone plays an instrument in our family and that has carried on in each generation. I no longer am in a band but I still keep up my vocals and have a few future projects in the works. I hope you enjoy some of the old and new music here from a mix of generations.


Not Broken by Tanya Michelle

I finally had the opportunity to sing Not Broken and record it! It is very very emotional and I did ...
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I’ll Fly Away, Live

I was a couple of months pregnant here and my daddy was visiting us in Colorado. We recorded a few ...
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Savannah Grace Music

My incredibly talented cousin Savannah. Such an amazing young women and I am so proud of her. This is a ...
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Ain’t No Sunshine

I have no idea when I recorded this and if I had to guess I would say 13 years ago ...
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The Starlight Express

This was my uncles Jimmy and Tommy's first TV appearance with their band. Be ready to step back in time ...
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Baby Mine Video Project

So much fun and a privilege to put this together! I had an absolute blast! I re-recorded this while having ...
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Baby Mine

I love singing to my lil one. This song is so dear to me because of our struggles to get ...
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