Post Pregnancy Hair Loss

Remember pregnancy hair? It was amazing! Like model material with the crazy amount of volume and shine! Yeah I have pictures to remind me but let’s talk about post-baby hair! Another thing no one tells you about!

So about three months after I delivered I started shedding. I use the word shedding because I felt like a Siberian husky blowing their coat. Look that one up if you don’t understand. I was literally losing hair everywhere. The bed, shower, blow drying you name it. This wonderful phenomenon is the resting/shedding phase and normally take about three months for the hair to shed out. The hormones during pregnancy which promoted hair growth were preventing shedding as well. Once you have baby of course hormones regulate and the hair you should have lost, goes.

You will not go bald so don’t fret. This may be a good time to try a new shorter hairstyle if you can. I noticed that my hairline seemed to get thinner and I have zero volume in my hair. It is recommended you try to not use a ton of styling products and keep heat at a minimum. I also only wash my hair every three or so days. I may wet it and put in conditioner but I don’t shampoo so that the natural oils remain. I use Enjoy dry shampoo that adds a ton of volume and I use the tips that Dominique has on her site. I also treat my scalp with coconut oil once a week. It will grow back. I have seen a huge difference and hoping that I will be out of this phase soon.

I should also note that your thyroid post-baby can cause hair loss. Your doctor will more than likely test you at your six week checkup. Mine was fine at my six week but twelve weeks in I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. When in doubt get it checked out!

Any suggestions from other mama’s out there are greatly appreciated!

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