Terrible Two’s Or Unrealistic Expectations?

    Ahh Terrible Two’s what every parent dreads.  Just kidding that is when they are teenagers right? I personally don’t believe in terrible two’s. I believe that adults have unrealistic expectations how they think a child should act and the adult’s response is what magnifies the child’s terrible behavior.  I read a piece recently by Dr. Laura Markham recently on discipline vs. teaching and it was a real eye opener for me. I am a soft one on disciplining Cooper and I may or may not let him get away with more than he should. He is two however and I am realistic in his understanding of how things should and…


    For Shame For Shame

    Parenting, one of the toughest jobs you will ever have. There is no handbook or Dial A Parenting Coach Hotline, and you will undoubtedly do things wrong a gazillion times. Wonderful thing is, you will also do a lot of things right. The right things will not receive near the attention nor get the kudos deserved but let someone catch wind of something that is wrong in their eyes and let the Parent Shaming begin!  I’ve even had perfect strangers threaten to kidnap my infant daughter because I happened to have her in a car-seat in her stroller (asleep) rather than in my arms, while I was in a checkout…