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Super Easy Cheesecake

Cheesecake doesn't have to be complicated and this recipe is super easy!
Course Dessert
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Prep Time 12 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes



  • 1 1/2 cups Graham Cracker Crumbs 10 whole graham crackers
  • 1/4 cup Confectioner's Sugar
  • 5 1/3 tbsp Butter melted
  • 1/8 tsp Salt


  • 2 8oz pckg Cream Cheese room temp
  • 2/3 cup Granulated Sugar
  • 2 large Eggs room temp
  • 1 tsp Vanilla Extract


  • Preheat over to 350° F
  • Stir crust ingredients together mixing until combined
  • Press crumbs into bottom of a 9" pie pan and up the sides. The bottom layer should be thicker than the sides.
  • For the filling mix together the room-temperature cream cheese and sugar until smooth. Mix in eggs & vanilla, mixing until smooth. Mix on a low setting to avoid beating too much air into the batter.
  • Set pie pan onto a baking sheet and pour filling into the crust.
  • Bake for 20 minutes then add a crust shield or aluminum foil and bake for an additional 10 minutes. The filling won't look entirely set in the center and that is okay. Once cooled it will set. The internal temp should read between 165° and 170° F.


To serve with a fruit topping place contents of frozen fruit in a bowl to thaw (or fresh fruit if available) Add 1 tablespoon of Instant ClearJel to thicken and stir until well combined. Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of granulated sugar and coat evenly. Spoon over cheesecake and serve.