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Carolina Style BBQ Sandwich

There is a lifelong debate in Carolina, Eastern vs. Western BBQ! For me it isn't a debate Western is the only way to go! You will use the Grilled Pork Roast recipe for this again unless you have a smoker and can smoke your meat for 9-11 hours! Boston butt is normally what we smoke back home. 


  • 1 lb Grilled Pork Roast
  • Salt to taste
  • Pepper to taste
  • Paprika to taste
  • Garlic Powder you get the point by now


  • A typical smoked pork will have a few more ingredients and they will come through during the pulling process but since we are using previously pulled pork so we will improvise. Combine all of your dry ingredients and toss with shredded pork. 
  • Place on buns and add BBQ sauce and slaw as you like.