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As I mentioned I saw hand sanitizer on Amazon for $300! It was a basic 6 pack and I had to look a few times to ensure I wasn’t seeing things. Apparently this is like gas price gouging, but for sanitation supplies. I talked with my aunt Bonnie, who is a Dr. of Naturopathy, and she gave me a great list of essential oils to use and make your own Sanitizing Spray’s, Lotions, or Hand Gel. This DIY contains alcohol as that is what the CDC recommends to kill viruses. Use cautiously around little ones and make sure their hands are dry before putting them in their mouth, eyes, etc. Also if making for use with kids cut the Vodka to 1/4 fill.

Here is what you will need.

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Vodka at least 80 proof. Yes I said Vodka and get a cheap bottle. Use Vodka as it has no color or smell. Also Vodka is great at killing germs. You can add distilled water to any of these options to further dilute.

Aloe Vera Gel (for gel sanitizer)

Coconut Paste (for lotion sanitizer)

Distilled Water (for spray sanitizer)

Essential Oils: Some are in combination as they work best with each other vs solo. You can also use Lemon oil (7 Drops) which makes the sanitizer more absorbent just make sure the scent works with the oil you choose.

Lavender 7 drops & Tea Tree 7 drops. This is the most common combo and smells wonderful. Both have natural disinfecting properties. Tea Tree is an antiviral and anti-fungal.  Tea Tree can be a bit pungent on its own but the lavender compliments the oil’s piney fragrance.

Eucalyptus 2 drops & Tea Tree 7 drops, Together they are a powerhouse fighting viruses. (Cautious with sensitive skin and children, can cause stinging if not mixed properly. Use more Tea Tree than Eucalyptus)

Thyme 10 drops Oil contains antibacterial and antiviral properties.

Oregano Oil 2 drops helps the fight against some drug-resistant bacterial strains. (Cautious with sensitive skin and children, can cause stinging)

Plastic squeeze bottles or spray I use the 1-2 oz bottles.


Step 1: Sip the Vodka, okay not really because it is cheap Vodka and we don’t have time for that… If you are going to drink while DIY’ing I recommend Tito’s.

For Gel’s Or Lotions– Fill bottle about 1/3 of the way with Vodka

Add drops as recommended above of your essential oil to the bottle

Fill the remainder with aloe vera gel  or coconut paste (make to desired consistency) and shake to mix.


For Spray- Fill bottle 1/2 of the way with Vodka

Add drops as recommended above of your essential oil to the bottle

Fill the remainder with distilled water


If your really want to pack a punch, add Thieves essential oil instead of the above, from Young Living. They also make a whole line of soaps and cleaners. I hope this DIY helps and remember proper hand washing goes a long way!





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