Magic Reindeer Food!

Magic Reindeer Food Printout               INGREDIENTS Raw uncooked oats Sugar cookie sprinkles Plastic sandwich or snack baggies Ribbon in festive holiday colors Paper for the printable tags   INSTRUCTIONS Pour 3-4 tablespoons of oats into each plastic bag. Add a tablespoon or two of sprinkles. Close the baggie with… Read More Magic Reindeer Food!


Back To Basics!

I wrote this some time ago and feel it is appropriate to resurrect.  I wrote this the day after the Sandy Hook tragedy. I know a lot of us are attempting to make sense of the past few days events (I know I have been). Through all of my thoughts and prayers this is what… Read More Back To Basics!


The Gift Dilemma!

I struggle every year with what to get my nieces and nephews for Christmas. They are all fortunate that if they have a need it is fulfilled so gift giving tends to be well, boring. So now I am in the search for unique gifts that will hopefully wow vs. a gift card blah. If… Read More The Gift Dilemma!