Yes it is one of my hubby’s favorite movies and he loves to quote it often, but that is not what this post is about. As a new mama I have made decisions why I do the things I do and many of those decisions are because of constant recalls of items. I have found simplicity helps keep my sanity and less worry about what he is eating or playing with.

It was almost nine at night and I am still standing in the kitchen making homemade baby food. While I would have loved to be relaxing and enjoying my nightly tea with my hubby, lil man is a priority. You ask why do you make homemade food?

  1. I know what is going into his food
  2. Unless the vegetable or fruit has something wrong with it the odds of a recall are slim.

I heard recently of a mama that gave her lil one a squeeze pouch of veggies and it was full of mold. I personally would lose my mind! Later that week the company recalled its squeeze pouches. Tyson also had a huge recall this year of its chicken nuggets. While it is convenient to purchase pre-made baby food I have made the decision that Coop will eat what comes out of the garden and or the farmers market. It is time-consuming at times but I don’t mind. I normally make enough of whatever vegetable is fresh to freeze at least a weeks’ worth. Fruit I make every two days since most of it doesn’t freeze as well.

His toys are also old school with the exception of a few Baby Einstein noise makers. I thought one of the newest bears that are wife capable would be pretty cool. Then of course I hear of hackers that listen in and steal information. The world we live in just isn’t the same as I was a kid I suppose and the safeguards we have to put in place can be overwhelming. Coop loves to be outside so we take explorer walks daily. He has toys don’t get me wrong but he is much happier with a box and something that he can bang on it. I also make sensory toys out of food items which he loves! Amazing how a few beans in a water bottle can be hours of entertainment!

How have you dealt with this as a parent? Maybe I am a bit over the top but hey it’s my right as a parent.

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