It Is Okay To Say No!

After having Coop I meet some lovely ladies that were also new mom’s. The conversation came up about visitors, people wanting to hold your child and strangers coming up and touching your baby when out in public. I mentioned I have no problem saying no! It was really that simple. He is new and tiny… Read More It Is Okay To Say No!


DIY Sensory Play Ideas

    Sensory Bottles: These do not need to be complicated. They can contain colored water, sand, beans or popcorn kernels. Think about the different sounds, weights and visual stimulation the  bottle is when making.   Spaghetti Noodles: Cooked and cooled of course but set baby on a towel or in a tub and let the messy… Read More DIY Sensory Play Ideas


Yes it is one of my hubby’s favorite movies and he loves to quote it often, but that is not what this post is about. As a new mama I have made decisions why I do the things I do and many of those decisions are because of constant recalls of items. I have found… Read More


Baby’s First Cold

Well this has been fun! Coop starting showing symptoms Saturday night and it went downhill in a hurry. I suppose I can’t complain that he is just getting his first cold at seven months old. I of course immediately started looking for any homeopathic remedies possible and got to work. Here is the timeline: Saturday: Symptoms… Read More Baby’s First Cold

For Lil One's

Zucchini & Apple Puree

Zucchini & Apple Puree: Stage 2 1 apple 2 zucchini (I used two varieties) Peel all veggies and fruit & slice Place in saucepan with enough water to cover Bring to boil then lower temp to simmer Once soft add to food processor and puree Add cooking water, bm or formula to reach desired consistency