Baby Mine

I love singing to my lil one. This song is so dear to me because of our struggles to get pregnant and have a successful pregnancy. This is very raw and emotional but I believe that is what makes it special.


Getting Ready HAHA!

So my now 4 month old is going through a stage where he doesn’t like you out of his sight! This is me the other day attempting to get ready for work. What have you had to do in order to get ready to go out?


Post Prego Thyroiditis

So Dr. called last night to let me know I have hyperthyroidism. This apparently is brought on post prego and is sometimes treated pending severity. Any other mama’s out there have this experience? Would love to know what your Dr. did and how you healed!


D Day! AKA Delivery.

You have your bag packed, birth plan in hand, hubby has camera and his overnight bag, now waiting on baby! I started dilating on a Monday and did not have any real labor pains. I have read other mom’s tell their experience that they felt nauseated, had cramps and a laundry list of symptoms. I… Read More D Day! AKA Delivery.


The Birth of a Blog

While I was pregnant there were so many resources it would make your head spin! Everything from apps to books and blogs. Then of course everyone that had been there and wanted to tell you their experience. Once lil man came along however the real fun began! I had it in my mind that we… Read More The Birth of a Blog